Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hey "radfems" - A poem

"I'd like to acknowledge that this event is taking place on uncedded Native land, and I'd like to thank our Native Canadian hosts for very graciously tolerating our presence here on Turtle Island.

NOTE: this poem contains rather excessive swearing

Hey "rad fems!"

There's a problem with the language you use
Or maybe you're just confused
By some bullshit you've read
I'll gladly throw books at your head*
Explaining the words feminist and radical
Justice and freedom for all?
Eff you status quo?
Patriarchy has to go?
Drastically divergent from the norm?
Against oppression in every form?

This is what you claim
In manipulative arguments you frame
In articles you state
Where sex and slavery you conflate

There's nothing radical about hate
There's nothing feminist when you dictate
What the fuck I can do with MY OWN body
For free, for love, for pleasure, for money
With whom, how, when, and why
Mirrors of those you say you despise

There's nothing radical
In being transphobic and fractional
There's nothing feminist about denying
The identity of our trans sisters, dying
Hypothetical, abusive clients you blame
While YOU perpetuate stigma and shame

You happily sit in your ivory tower
Privileged and ignorant, abusing your own power
Contemplating our imaginary sexual trauma
While your nuanced analysis harms us
The so-called radical feminist crusader
Fucking with my livelihood, under the guise of saviour

So-called radfems
You're neither radical, nor feminist, nor progressive
Your views are divisive, intolerant, outdated, and oppressive
You define woman by archaic measures
And forget that sex workers come in all genders
You never try to save our brothers out there hustling
You're too busy genital policing and brothel busting

I am a REAL radical feminist, sex worker, thriving and surviving
If that's incompatible with your myopic view, adjust your thinking
If that's impossible for you to do, provide information for billing
And ready yourself for the role of rent-payer I expect you'll be filling
Stop demonizing and targeting my clients and donors
Your sons, brothers, sisters, lovers, fathers, uncles, and doctors
They're not the enemy of my safety and salvation
The violent ones capitalize on our mutual criminalization
Our collective survival is dependant on someone else
Sex workers are no different, and can speak for ourselves.

I am not coerced, prostituted, damaged, or delusional
I am a radical sex working feminist, what I want to be
I am alive, blessed, loved and free!
It's time for you to shut the fuck up and listen
Because you, so-called radfem abolitionist, do NOT speak for me!

EDIT: *I'm referring to metaphorical books. Radfems love to shout about "threats", without ever backing it up, so I want to be clear I don't condone violence against anyone.