Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Real Cunnilinguist (and some generalized Astrological observations)

A friend of mine, we'll call him Aurelius, came by last Tuesday night. It was late, maybe 3AM, and I was still up. His email came in hours before, and just as I was off to bed, thinking he'd made other plans, the proverbial bootie call came (rather, bootie email). He was here within 15 minutes. What ensued was very memorable.

We chatted a bit, about travel, politics, niceties, sex. There's a very odd chemistry between us. I'm mildly attracted to Aurelius, and he to me, but it's really just a sex thing. And really mostly just an oral sex thing.

Now, he's eaten my pussy before. He was good at it. But this night was different. I've had oodles of men go down on me, and make me come in literally seconds. I've had some top notch oral, mostly from paying clients (something I can never seem to wrap my head around), but this was different. I can't remember a time when anyone gave me such unbelievable oral sex.

First, he teased my nipples, obviously. He's a Scorpio. Not meaning to generalize, but... in my experience, they're the hottest, most passionate lovers (with their opposites, Taureans, taking a close second place, and those beautiful moon-ruled Cancerians never failing to please either) . The little things are not wasted on them. Blowing in the ear, teasing the little belly hairs and even the swelling effect in my cunt are lost on some guys. But never on Scorpios. The Scorps I've been with really enjoy their sex, and they really take their time with it. And he was no exception. After he got me all inflated by way of my nipples, he made his way slowly down, kissing every ample inch on his way down. When his face was inches away from my erect clit, I could feel his warm breath on me. My entire body was on fire. His tongue started to lick me, just barely, flicking about on my outer lips, thighs and ass. He didn't even graze my labia for several minutes. For a second, I wondered if I smelled off. I knew I'd showered recently, and surely he would say something if I did? And then, his tongue hit me, just barely, and I shivered and moaned. He licked my huge, swollen labia up and down, barely touching me as he did. "Oh wow... that feels awesome" I told him and he moaned, feeling like a gentle vibrator. I started to feel extremely relaxed, and I looked down to see his smiling face diving down again. This time, I spread my legs wider, and he groaned "oh my God. Look at this beautiful pussy. You're so swollen baby!" and I told him that was entirely his doing.

He licked me, gently, up and down and all over my crotch area. His tongue went right inside me, deep and hard, and he moaned some more. He actually paused to tell me how good I taste, something I hear often. "Give me your tongue" I said to him, and he came up to kiss me briefly, letting me taste me. And back down he went. Admiring the view in my mirror of his backside and my spread legs, and the view from above between my legs, I knew I was being teased. It was delicious. I love being teased and taking unlimited amounts of time to discover someone's body, and I love when someone takes so much time to discover mine. We're all so similar, but sexually we're all so different. I love learning these little erotic mind spaces and secrets we all possess. And apparently, one of his secrets was that he is an expert pussy licker. He was moving his tongue up and down, right between my engulfed lips, still barely touching me. At any point, he could have made me come with even a few strokes of my clit. But he still hadn't even touched my clit. I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying teasing me. While licking me I ask him "do you like when someone teases YOU this way?" and he moans into my cunt. So I continued asking him questions like "you know I'm gonna slow-torture your cock later, right?" and "What are you doing to me?" and he continued to moan. When I told him how I was going to tickle his whole body with my long hair he moaned so hard that I almost came.

Finally, he made his way to my clit. Though it was completely erect, I reached down, and with my two hands, stuck it out even more, whispering "lick it, look how hard it is". "Holy FUCK!" he said, looking at it, then at my eyes, and he dove on it. He sucked my clit briefly, then moved back to my labia, which, I am increasingly learning, is a huge nerve-center for me. He then started licking ALL the way up and down, from clit to ass, then back again. He was using the most gentle pressure. I could tell he was barely touching me at all, but the sensation was heavenly. He did this for maybe 45 minutes, keeping me fully swollen the whole time. This must be what blue balls feels like, minus the pain (though I have experienced the frustration and pain of being fully swollen and on the brink of orgasm only to meet an anti-climactic end): A constant wave a pleasure without enough pressure to cause orgasm. But I love this kind of treatment. I knew that if I had to, I could reach down and and rub out an orgasm anytime.

I didn't. I just lied back and enjoyed the amazingly soft and gentle tongue licking me expertly into submission. I've never felt anything like that before.

By contrast, after I'd had my turn with his cock, I found myself sitting on his face a number of times, and at the end, I was hovering above his face, rubbing my hard clit and watching him stroke himself. Waiting for him, I came as soon as I saw him explode. That was all it took, and I even stopped stroking myself and came anyhow.

Thanks, Aurelius, for the most amazing oral ever! You blew my mind, and your load, and I discovered something new that I enjoy. Next time I will try humming a whole song while he's in my warm mouth.

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  1. Sweet Memories

    Her scent, which is her very essence, still permeates my nostrils, sending delicious messages of her directly to my olfactory senses.
    WOW What a rush!
    I left her home in a state of euphoria, oblivious to the world that surrounded me.

    It was during one of the aforementioned messages, when my brain was busy sending waves of endorphins to every part of my body, that I merged....sort of...from Spadina on to the Gardiner.....when the engine of my trusty GM....Rudely JARRED me in to realty by dieing on me as I entered the passing lane.....I limped to the slow lane and came to a stop in a narrow curb lane.....realizing I had tried once again, to ween my freaking internal combustion engine, off gasoline...It Can't Be Done!

    >>>OH and it was 6:04 when it happened!
    At 7:30 after a tow call, I refilled the gas tank & resumed my journey home.

    I'm sure the cop & the tow truck guy wondered why I had a silly grin spread all over my face, throughout the experience.
    Absolutely no one or nothing, could piss in my Corn Flakes today!

    Her scent is slowly becoming a background to other things....I am madly trying to tattoo it on my brain, before it softly disappears......
    My but I do ramble a bit.
    Suffice it to say....She is one Incredible Babe!

    Thanks, Miss Janelle. It was a really Great Day.
    C U soon
    Phd. C