Sunday, 26 December 2010

Previously Unanswered Questions: NOW IN ANSWERED FORM!

To answer one of my own previous questions:

YES. Some clients will stop, and have stopped, seeing me because I've lost weight. Although I should say to those clients, if you're reading, I've gained quite a lot back, so come on back darlin'. Drastic cut down on exercise, cold weather and 1/2 priced cupcakes will do that to a person sometimes. Plus what I lack in extra fat I make up in for in added exuberance, freakish leg strength and WAY more energy to torture and smother you. I'm lighter, but stronger.

And to answer some of your, my fans' and clients', questions:

YES. I am flattered that you jerk off to my pics. However, telling me in person, during a session, as my most recent client (Dreamboy) did, is way more awesome than telling me anonymously. He lives in another province. Knowing that he will be getting his sexy self off to me from hundreds of miles away is such a turn-on, especially now that I have an image of him to fantasize of later. That he paid me for my time shows me that he appreciates me and what I do. And that's better than an email from someone I never meet. It's nicer to put a face to the... errr.... fantasy. Do not let this deter you from sending fan mail, however. I enjoy hearing from everyone, even the jerks who call me names. And especially the ones who just jerk.

NO. I did not travel over the holidays. I stayed in Toronto and played host to an intimate gathering of friends and chosen family, and one mis-vite. Rumnog was drunk, drinking games were played and many gifts were exchanged. Melancholic but beautiful time. I am ashamed of the excessive food leftovers (which I am going to be munching on shortly).

YES! Santa did find me! He brought me vibrating nipple clamps, many new and smoking hot clients, and a book of mostly skinny-bodied nudes, amongst many other treasures.

NO. I don't have a boyfriend. I don't know why. I don't know "what's wrong with people". I can't explain why "someone so beautiful and amazing" as me is single. I don't know what is wrong with being single anyhow. I enjoy being single. I do enjoy intimate partnering, but I've always been pursued for sex more than relationships. I actually accepted a date for today and was rudely stood-up. I'm a romantic at heart, but I'm also a very strong-willed and independent person. Aside from fat-phobia, slut-shaming and general stupidity, I hesitate to offer explanations for my Lack of Boyfriend (LoB)™. Frankly, offering an explanation seems to suggest something wrong with not having one, and, frankly, that's bullshit.

YES. I painted that. I am an artist, and have been since I was a toddler.

YES. People actually pay me good money to have really good sex with me. I'd imagine they do it for the same reasons as other people: they think I'm hot, or they have a fantasy, or maybe they want to get crushed. And NO. I don't really care if you think I'm "ewwww". That's your business.

YES! I AM for real!

MAYBE. But chances are, I've never been there. I've hardly traveled at all. I grew up relatively poor, and have been on my own since age 17. Add to that impulsive spending and lack of passport and.... oh what the hell! I have no excuse. I'm taking a trip this year! *looks up at passport application*

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