Sunday, 5 December 2010

This Ain't Your High School Chemistry

We'll call him Dinar. I almost didn't answer the phone. Three prank calls today, all within 3 hours of each other. Why do these plods insist on interrupting my girlfriend time / mall trolling with their nonsense and name-calling? "Do any other service providers have to endure this kind of abuse from clients" I asked my beautiful companion, before thinking about what I was saying. Of course they do, we both agreed.

These kinds of calls were running through my mind when the phone rang earlier. Something told me to answer. I heard a vague French-ish accent, a bit of shyness, and what sounded like genuine interest. My instinct, which is what I mostly rely on, cried "PROCEED GIRL" so I did.

45 minutes later, after I'd showered, powdered, spritzed, brushed and dressed, he arrived. Well-groomed, nicely dressed, and very handsome, he entered and smiled, and I asked him to close the door.

We took care of business and I led him to my bed. I took off my shoes and laid (lied, lay?) down. He, fully dressed, smiled and laid down next to me. Though I could already sense it, he informed me that he may be a bit shy at first. I told him that was no problem. I just wanted to kiss him, so I did. When he responded with his warm tongue barely touching mine, we both moaned. "Mmmm... you're a very good kisser" he said, parroting my exact thoughts about him. At that moment, I knew this was going to be a very good session.

I took my time kissing him. It varied at times from lip-numbingly hard, to soft, to full-on tongue sucking and then light nibbling. We kissed for a while, moaning, clutching each other's torsos, necks, arms and hands. We were still clothed when I got on him. After kissing a while, I leaned back to remove his sweater. As he pulled it off, I lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it aside. "Oh baby" he muttered as I brought my full, bare breasts down onto his salt-and-pepper bare chest (I want to lie my head and hands on that chest right now). I hadn't even ventured down to his crotch, nor had he to mine, but I was already way beyond aroused. Being on him, feeling his hard-on under me, and his mouth on my nipples, and seeing his gorgeous and appreciative face was causing me considerable swelling. I continued kissing him, then placing my breasts in his open mouth, watching his eyes and feeling for twitches down below. There were plenty. I moved my hips against his, and rubbed myself against him, almost coming several times. Then he was on me, rubbing against me, touching my face softly, then kissing me hard. He seemed to like sucking. Lips (both sets), toes, fingers, nipples, neck, ears.

He literally kissed me all over, as he promised he would. Moving slowly down, kissing every inch of my body, smiling at me, looking for signs of my enjoyment, I told him he was amazing. I began to feel like I should be paying HIM. For the briefest moment, I thought of all the women (and men, and trans peeps) I know who are unsatisfied with their partners and with sex in general, and thought "here I am getting paid to be pampered and adored by a beautiful, intelligent man. How awesome is this?" These thoughts dissolved after a few seconds when he got down to my crotch area. I went to pull my panties down, but he said no, wait. I love to be teased. I love to take my time, and get lost in lips and arms, fingers and skin. I want to spend time smelling, tasting, listening and taking in as much as possible. He seemed to embrace this method as well. He kissed, nuzzled, nibbled all the way down to my stockinged feet. He pulled one stocking down, not without some difficulty, and I briefly worried about my (at that moment) unshaven legs. I hadn't shaved them for years. He either didn't notice or didn't care, and kissed, licked and caressed them anyways. He then lingered back up, and I really just wanted to kiss him, so I did. At some point during all of this, his pants came off, and he was clad in the cutest orange shorts.

My cell phone kept vibrating. My home phone kept ringing. I jumped up at one point, remembering, and ran to the door, locking it, afraid that my buddy was going to stop by (I forgot to tell him I had a client coming). I ran back, and told him "I don't want anyone coming in. I don't really feel like sharing you ". We kissed, both of us on our knees, and then lied back down. This began an intense session of him licking my clit, labia, vagina, nipples, thighs and more clit. Leg-shaking ensued. At one point, he had me move to the edge of the bed, propped a pillow under my ass, and went to town. He isolated my clit, and licked it perfectly, sometimes just barely, which was particularly amazing. When he started fingering me, I knew I would come, but not how I imagined. Something different happened today. It felt like I was going to pee, but I knew I didn't need to, so I just went with it. It felt like something came out of me. When asked, he said he noticed nothing, and then we kissed some more. I'm still not sure what happened, but I want it to happen again.

I reached down to his ample bulge and rubbed it very gently. I don't even remember taking his shorts off. He was very hard, ready and willing. I wanted to kiss him all over now, and I knew I was going to be keeping him beyond what he had paid for. Moving, not without some reluctance, away from his mouth, I sucked, licked and kissed his neck and ears. Continuing down, I brushed my face against his chest, letting the soft, short hairs tickle my nose and eyelashes, giggling as I had when he was licking my toes earlier. All the while, he was brushing my hair from my face, watching me watching him. Stomach, nibbled. Hips, kissed. Unable to ignore it any longer, I moved down to his crotch area, opening and getting between his long, strong legs. His erection was jumping at me, trying to get my attention, but I went to his thighs, smelling and kissing him. So appreciative he was. This is the ultimate aphrodisiac for me: Being adored, pleasured and explored, and then doing the same for my partner (the root, in fact, of my kvetching about the impossibility of simultaneously sucking and fucking a man's cock). Being down between his legs with my ass in the air, and hearing his moans were making me extremely wet and swollen. All I wanted was him inside me. I would start with my mouth.

I let my breath stir the hairs around his wonderful dick. I licked his balls so gently, I was a bit surprised he responded so instantly and enthusiastically. "Ohhhh wow... oh... that feels SO good". When I sucked one in my mouth, turned on by his scent and taste, he gasped for air. It's wonderful when the most nuanced of my touches are so appreciated and noticed. Some of my more subtle moves are lost on many. Eyes fixed on each other, I began to very gently flick my tongue against the base of his cock. Gasping again, he started to moan more loudly, which only encourages me and increases my desire to please him. It's so satisfying to be pleasing a partner who just pampered your entire body with passionate abandon. I kissed his cock as I had kissed his lips, slightly wet, gently and with feeling, and then more deeply, moaning, sucking. His responses were my reward. I moved up and down in this way, not giving in and just plunging the whole length of him into my warm mouth. Just delicate kisses, licks and vibratory moans.

Finally, I moved up, made my mouth slick with spit, and gently licked the head of his penis. His moaning got louder, and he had an almost desperate look on his face. After a minute of this, I wet my lips and wrapped them around the head of his cock. I just held it in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, slowly, then faster, taking my cues from his moaning. Finally, wanting to drive him wild, I let my mouth slide down the entire length of his cock, very slowly, until a minute later I had all of him inside my mouth. It was twitching violently, and I knew if I kept going much longer he would climax. And I still wanted him inside my pussy, which was dripping, open and ready. I sucked him lovingly for a few minutes then moved back up to kiss him. He leaned forward to meet my lips with his. I melted into his arms again and began touching him all over.

"Please tell you're going to let me fuck you" I asked him, stroking him up and down slowly. He pulled me close, kissing me, and said "yes, please", with wide, innocent eyes. Smart me bought Magnums™ today and I ran out of the room once again to grab them. Out of the wrapper, I rolled it all the way down, practically salivating, and with an intense throbbing in my cunt. I sat on him and pushed his hand away, knowing he would slide effortlessly into me. He was rock hard and I was soaking wet, and sure enough, with my tongue in his mouth, his cock slowly filled me up. "Oh! My god! You're so tight!" he cried and closed his eyes. As I moved upwards, he looked at me, and we kissed and moaned and things, typically, become a bit blurry at this point. I slid up and down on him, slowly, then sitting up, letting him see and touch my nipples and breasts, then coming down and positioning one over his willing, sucking mouth. He opened his legs slightly, and began thrusting faster. Then he slowed down, pulling me as close to him as possible. Then I started bouncing up and down on him, savoring the delicious hardness inside me, and I felt his cock begin to expand. I bounced lightly on him, and his eyes expanded, and a look of agony mixed with ecstasy came over his face. His eyes closed, and I could feel him pulsing and throbbing inside of me. "Did you come?" I asked hopefully, not certain because of how stiff he still felt. "Yes" he said "that was so.. fast.. I don't know why" as though it were a bad thing. I was terribly pleased that I'd made him explode with such ease. (Sidebar: men, there is no need to be ashamed of climaxing "too soon". As long as you stick around and take care of your partner, and wait until you're hard/ready to go again, what's wrong with enjoying the release? I think it's the "spill n'split" that we mostly have a problem with, at least in my humble opinion). "I have that effect on the boys" I told him, making him laugh, grabbing me and kissing me deeply.

I grabbed the condom, and slid off his still-twitching member slowly, stroking it lightly, moaning at the site of the filled condom. I lay down beside him as his arm wrapped around me. Time check: we were 25 minutes over what he'd paid for. I didn't care. "I could do this all night" he told me, and I knew he meant it. While I generally do not allow clients to stay over for free, on a couple of rare occasions, when the connection was intense enough and the timing felt right, I gave into my intimate desires. "I guess this is what they call chemistry huh? They tried to teach me in school, but I think they had it all wrong" he said sweetly.

Tempted, I was. But life was calling. We kissed and caressed each other for about fifteen minutes more, laughed, joked and chatted and then I knew I had to prepare for the evening ahead. So, reluctantly, and after an interesting dialogue surrounding my bookshelf, he was dressed, looking insanely handsome, and gently stroking my face. "You're the total package" I told him, and explained to him why he was a unicorn. "You're straight. You're funny, handsome, intelligent, amazing in bed, and SINGLE. Basically, you do not exist. And um, you have a really great horn too" grabbing his crotch and pulling him towards me. "You're going to have throw me out, or I'll stay here all night" he said and after a five minute kiss goodbye, I watched his tall frame walk out the door, leaving me alone with my memories and wishes that one day a man like that will ask me out on a real and proper date. One day. It will happen one day!

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