Sunday, 19 September 2010

Oh Pluto

Before you start reading this smutty goodness below, do yourself a favor and push play:-}

I love it when after making love with someone new, I get all aflutter (literally, down below) when remembering the deed. Tonight is one such time. I can not get my client from earlier out of my head. We shall call him The C.O. His face, roundish, soft, friendly. The way he kissed: Lightly, then deeply, then peckish, and gentle. Nothing turns me on like good kissing and compatibility. He had me engulfed in seconds and then we meet putty Janelle. His smell (soap, cologne, sweat) quite literally made me dizzy with lust. I've had some very hot encounters as of late, but this somehow satisfied me in a different sort of way.

I lay down and watched him get undressed. He laid down beside me, and we smiled. We embraced, and kissed, and I enjoyed the feel of his skin, his smell, the hair on his chest. My subtle gasps and sighs were not lost on him. He noticed it all, and seemed appreciative of what I had to offer: affection, humor, soft skin, responsiveness and warmth. The kissing was just splendid.

And then he went to my breasts, and found my nipples. Soon my top was off and most of me exposed and he licked and sucked my nipples, with me watching his gorgeous face. His fingers, delicately, expertly, on my ever-expanding cunt. Without letting the flow stop, he went down, closer, licking, lightly, barely at all, teasing me, and fingering my clit. It's usually only when I'm alone that it gets so hard and exposed.

"Lie down" I told him. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I'd been rubbing it, feeling it twitch and grow. I kissed him some more, tongue in his ear, moaning lightly, breathing, arms all over him. I kissed his neck, fingers, shoulders, chest, nipples, stomach, thighs... and then I reached his cock, and i tried to tease him as he'd done to me, but I am greedy and I just wanted it all. I licked him slowly, starting with his balls, and gently, teasingly, working my way up, until he was in my mouth. I sucked him until I had to kiss him again, coming up to twirl my tongue around his. I just could not get enough, and I contemplated cuffing him and keeping him prisoner (voluntarily, of course).

Now he was standing on the bed, cock in my face. To reach it properly, I got on my knees. It slid right in my mouth and I sucked him eagerly, feeling him get rock hard in my mouth. All I could think of was how it was going to feel inside my pussy. I reached down to my clit and began rubbing. It didn't take long, feeling him expand and move in my mouth, for me to explode. I sort of mumbled I was coming and he laughed, pleased. I told him I would feel tighter now when he was fucking me. My pussy always feels tighter, and I love to get fucked right after I come.

After some lubing, he slid inside bent over me, with him standing at the edge of the bed. I think I gasped, it felt amazing. I squeezed his dick with my strong muscles, in and out. When he fucked me, just shallow, and pinched my nipples, I almost came again. Then he was deep inside me, barely moving, just breathing, moaning and lightly pushing. And then he started with the slow fucking. This just sends me whirling. My head gets dizzy. It feels like ... I don't know what it feels like, and I'm not sure how to describe it. Only a few have ever fucked me like he fucked me today. I want more now. Right now. I'm actually not content with only a recent memory, but I will make do with what I've got. I want to feel his cock getting bigger, and his slow thrusting, at a steady pace. I knew when he was coming, I could feel it. I want to feel that again, but this time I want to see his face when he lets it go.

I want to ride him. Nice and slow. Seeing his eyes aglow and kissing his lips.

Two of my weaknesses...

1. BSG Eye Candy(no pun intended)
2. Slow fucking.

I am totally engorged right now. I can not get this experience out of my head, nor do I want to. I've been busy all night, yet highly distracted. Now I finally have the chance to lose myself in recent memories.

And this really hot guy appeared to be following me around the supermarket at Spadina/Bloor. I could feel his eyes on me, and he was so cute I just uh.. buh...

What a day. Is it wrong to just want to line them all up and sample them, one by one? Also, I've started taking condoms on bike rides. You never know, right?

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