Saturday, 1 February 2014

Helpful Sex Work Links

Here are some links to accompany a presentation I'm giving to the Prisoner's Justice Film Festival

These are in NO WAY representative of the entire spectrum of voices out there, and I suggest you seek out other voices as well. But these are some links and people I've found very insightful, and helpful.

In no particular order….

Emi Koyama (breaks down the myths of trafficking data, among other awesome writings)


Book - Selling Sex: Experience, advocacy, and research on sex work in Canada

Maggie's Toronto

SPOC - Sex Professionals of Canada

Native Youth Sexual Health Network

Scarlet Alliance - Australian Sex Workers' Association

Noami Kwe - Fierce Indigenous Feminist

Nikki Thomas - Former Executive Director of SPOC

Tits and Sass - One Big Service Piece

Everyday Abolition

Molli Desi Devadasi

Red Umbrella Project - Amazing Podcast Series

Anna Saini

N'Jaila Rhee

Best Policy Practices

Desiree Alliance (hosts a yearly conference on sex work)

Melissa Gira Grant

And for those on twitter, there are A LOT of great conversations happening (and also a lot of ignorant bullshit being spread by anti sex-work activists, so be warned):

Check out these hashtags (the # symbol) on twitter
#QuestionsForAmnesty (who recently called for decrim)
#ListenToSurvivors (started by SW abolitionists)
#AJstream (re. the recent Al Jazeera segment on sex work)

And these twitter users:


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