Sunday, 17 May 2009


All I can think about lately is bending guys over. Like the three annoying hipster, self-important dufuses at the bar tonight. Talking about boinking, indie art and "vintage" everything. I would love to strip them down, have all three kneel down on my floor, and just rope them together. Chain-gang style.

And then... there are the others. Like the sub I saw the other day, Nicholas. We met near the bookshop and came to my place. His obedience really turned me on. He stripped when I told him to, placed his clothes in the right place, and then sat down on the sofa, as he was told. I think he's been trained before. I sat, clothed, right on his very erect, very nice, very big penis and removed my top. He was told not to touch me and he didn't. I asked if he would like to see my nipple. He breathlessly said "YES miss". So, benevolent and horny woman that I am, I removed the bra, placed a nipple near his lips and said "suck it please". He obeyed and sucked me perfectly. If I see him again, I will let him taste my pussy. I still can not believe that men allow me to do these things to them, and enjoy it (the best part).

After feeding him my nipple, I stood and moved back to the chair I had set up directly in front of the sofa. I spread my legs, opened myself so that he could see, and fingered my clit, all the while watching the reactions on his face. He seemed aroused, and judging from his twitching cock, he was. He never touched himself, as instructed. He just watched and thanked me.

Later, I had him rise, turn, kneel and bend over the sofa as I like to do with new partners. I gently caressed his back, his ass, his thighs, all that smooth pale skin so arousing my senses. I actually kissed his ass on both sides and left lip marks (which I later wiped lovingly off). I whispered to him how I loved the sight of his hard cock leaking cum onto the towel beneath him. Whenever I touched him, stroked him more than a few times, he warned me that he was about to come. This pleased me immensely.

After straddling him lightly from behind, I positioned myself directly in front of his lowered head on the sofa. My nipples were pressing against the cold cotton fabric. With my face against the wall, and ass against his head, I began to finger myself. Amazingly, through all of this, he never touched. To reward this excellent behavior, I reached down between my legs, grabbed one of his clasped hands, and rubbed a finger against my swollen clit. He moaned when I did this and thanked me. I allowed him to rub me a while as I played with my nipples. Nothing turns me on like having my nipples stimulated. He asked if he could look up. I told him could and almost came when he said it. After a few minutes, as I rubbed myself against his hand, being driven crazy by his moans, I asked him to put his finger inside of me and finger me slowly. When he did this, I came within 2 minutes, clamping and soaking his wonderful fingers.

Next I kneeled behind him again, rubbing his smooth ass, slapping his balls as he requested, and stroking his beautiful cock, waiting for his warnings about coming. Now, right now, I wish I had prolonged it more, given it more time to build. I just have such a hard time controlling myself, and at this point I am almost ready to climax again at the mere thought of it. I told him how seeing him come would please me. How he had pleased me. That he was the best boy I had met yet. Perfectly obedient and beautiful. I can't get him out of my mind.

Watching him come under my hand is something which I will now ponder in bed. I just find the male orgasm so satisfying in sight, sound and feel. but him in particular. I never thought I would have such a fondness and affection for submissive males. They really are special.

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