Saturday, 16 May 2009

On my mind today

Sigh. It's "that time of the month" and I am, of course, horny as the rosebush at the cottage. I keep thinking about my lover, Yuma, and about the last time we were together. I'm not normally overly affectionate, and in fact, alot of my sexual experiences recently are more experiments in arousal and eroticism than passionate throwdowns. But with Yuma, there is no kink (not yet anyways), just pure attraction and lust.

When he came in, there to fuck me before a concert I was off to, he took off his shoes, came right over to me and pulled me to him. He smelled like the day and I was instantly aroused. I pulled him by the neck, looked in his big brown eyes and kissed him slowly, pressing myself against him, feeling him already hard. What followed was a divine oral session and me on top of him, riding him until he came. In fact, he warned me that he was coming, almost as though this were a bad thing, and I just bit my lip while looking at his sweet face and told him to do it. Told him I really wanted to feel it. He came right then, pulsing and twitching inside of me, looking in my eyes the whole time and feeling my cunt slowing sliding off of him. I put my nipples in his mouth. He was still hard when I pulled the condom off. I miss him and wish I could kiss those sweet lips and suck that sweet cock right now.

Sigh. Alas. He is a parent and the child comes first.

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