Sunday, 25 October 2009

Horniness BEGONE!

Today was a good day. I saw one of my favorite clients. Blonde and tall cutie, and so smooth and pale. We'd met once before, before my vacation, and it was a very satisfying encounter. Today was no exception. His oral skills seemed to have improved greatly. Wish I could take the credit. He spread my legs wide, isolated my clit with his two big hands, and licked, sucked, moaned.

I guess it's extremely counter-intuitive of me to be writing about this infinite sexiness when I am trying to clear my mind of the infinite sexiness. No? I can't help myself. I am surrounded by hot, sexy men all the time. And what's UP with Brad Pitt comparisons? Why is he the standard of male hotness? I think he's ok. Give me a fun personality and some kink any day though. I prefer a guy with crooked teeth, or a flat nose or a bit of a belly. The buff guys are hot too, do not get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy playing with their sculpted bodies, but I enjoy imperfections just as much, if not more. I'm far from perfect. Eye contact, kissing without too much spit (save the spit for my pussy), and the right amount of pressure on my nipples is what turns me on, among a thousand other things. I like guys who can suck both of my nipples at once. I've met exactly two so far, or was it three? Either way, nipple play gets me off like nothing else. Which seems to suit all of my clients just fine. I get it. I love sucking on nipples and playing with breasts too. It's what I think about when I masturbate, often. A threesome, one of us on his face, the other on his cock, both riding him, rubbing our breasts together. As I write this, I have a little vibrating egg in my pants. My nipples are poking out through my shirt.

I wonder what will come my way tomorrow. Hot client sex, I hope. I'm insatiable most of the time.

Oh, and the young man from last night, Twist, well... eating me through my black silkies. At one point when I was on his face and stroking his cock, I got up to grab a condom. He pulled me back and cried "Where you going?" I told him I wanted a condom so I could suck him, and was that ok with him? "Oh, ok." And suck him I did while I bounced and jiggled against his face, slowly, then fast. I could barely feel his mouth and tongue on me through my panties, just his hot steamy breath. He gasped when I rose to remove them early on. I didn't ask why. I just enjoyed a new experience. He was gorgeous too. All soft and caramel colored and somewhat innocent. As I was jerking him off, while I rode his face, I saw that he had come. This incensed me, of course, and I bounced even faster against him. We took a short break, debated feminism and ethics and rubbed each others' skin lightly. When I put my nipple back in his mouth, and heard him moan, I knew it was back on. I wanted him to come again. I wanted to put his hard cock back in my mouth. Something about the up and down, sucking and licking turns me on. I loved feeling him get harder and harder in my mouth as he soaked my panties.

I did make him come again, quietly, and it was hard to stop myself. I just wanted to stay there on his face all night, breaking, and then returning for more. But I had places to be.

I need sleep. And sex. What will it take to satisfy me, I wonder?

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