Sunday, 25 October 2009

A Simple Hot Sex Story

His hard cock keeps permeating my thoughts. I don't want to sound crass, but it's possibly my favorite part of his body. Originally, its size scared me and I thought "Vagina.. Can you handle this giant?" My vagina informed me, after his tongue was buried deep in her a few minutes later, that yes, she could and very much wanted to handle it. He's one of those guys (see "Red") that just drive me crazy with lust, that I pray want to fuck me (some don't). He's been on my mind ever since our first encounter, and I'm waiting on a client's email, so what better time to get it out of my very revved-up system? Or at least try, futile though it may be...

The first thing I notice when he walks in the door are his eyes. Big and brown. Cute face, friendly nose and full lips greet me with a smile. He looks vaguely Middle Eastern, or possibly Portuguese.

"Hello" he says, coming close to me, looking me up and down, from all appearances pleased with what he sees.

"Hi" I say as I slide my arms around his waist and pull him to me. I want to smell him, the way I always do. The guys I see always smell so good (except for a few, heh!) and he's no exception. But he smells really good, almost like cloves or cinnamon. It's intoxicating and I kiss his lips, just wanting to inhale his scent, waiting to see if he'll enjoy my lips on his. He kisses me back and we both moan. He said he wanted a "passionate, intimate encounter" and I did too, before I even saw him. But when I saw him, I was instantly attracted and ravenous. I wanted to jump all over him, get his clothes off, and sit on his face. But for now, in the doorway, he fully clothed and me in my "bad teenager" outfit, I just enjoy kissing his full, soft lips. I slide my tongue very gently into his mouth, sliding it along his bottom lip. His hands slide all over me: breasts, ass, back, arms and face. My desire is to know how to really turn this hot man on. I look in his eyes, trying to figure out what he likes, what he wants, what he's too shy to ask for. I slowly bring my hands up around his neck, massage the back of his neck, and then I place my hands on his cheeks. I bring his face to me and kiss him again, deeply, slowly, and moaning as I do. He moans, looking at me. I can tell he's still unsure, the way so many clients are, if I am really into him. One thing I can honestly say is that I rarely fake my pleasure. I love what I do, with all of my clients, and with a guy like this, I am totally, completely and helplessly aroused. With a possible two exceptions, I've enjoyed all of my sessions with clients. If I didn't have rules about such things, and about married men, I would have him in my bed every day, fucking and sucking his huge cock in between him eating my pussy and nipples.

We take care of business, he washes up and I lead him to my bedroom. I ask him to take his clothes off. I pull his shirt out of his pants and run my hands along his chest and back as he undoes his buttons, watching his eyes. He's smooth and has sparse hairs on his chest. As his shirt comes off, I bend my head to lick his nipples. "Oh yes baby" he says, urging me on and exhaling loudly. I suck each one, and flick my tongue over them, before coming up to kiss his sweet lips again. I kiss him, feeling his tongue in my mouth, and then move down to lick him from his upper chest to his ear.

Finally he's in his underwear. I reach down to feel his cock. It's huge and hard. "Wow" I say, feeling my cunt swell open with anticipation and fear. He smiles, looking at me. I smile back, thinking to myself that I have the most amazing job in the world. I want to eat him, suck him, fuck him, sit on him, pull his hair... all at once. I try to pace myself. I kiss him deeply and turn him around so that his back is facing the bed. I grasp his cock in my hand and comment that I'm not sure if I can handle it. His eyes open and he laughs. "You make it sound like it's gigantic". It kind of is, I tell him, stroking it slowly, letting my hands run all the way down to his balls. He keeps grabbing my face and kissing me. I love this.

Eventually, I put my palms on his shoulders and push him down, rather forcefully, on the bed. He smiles as he goes down. He's watching my face as I climb on top of him, still wearing my bra and panties. I move my way up and kiss his lips, unable to get enough of them at this point. I move my body against him, and put my breasts right in his face. He moans. I'm all about making him moan now. Between yesses, groans and sighs, my bra comes off. I don't even remember the details now, as I recall. Most of my fantasies about him take place in future, yet-to-happen encounters, and usually feature me on all fours and him rubbing his hardness against me. But finally, my hard, aching, reaching nipples find his warm mouth. After asking him to not use his teeth, he sucks my nipples, licks them with his tongue and pinches the other one which is not in his mouth.

I get up and make my way to the other side of the bed. I tell him to position himself sideways on the bed, so that his head and cock are easily accessible. I lower myself to kiss him once again. Kissing him makes me wet and swollen. I bring first one nipple and then the other to his warm, open and eager mouth. He keeps flicking his tongue out at me, as though he is daring me to feed him my pussy. It drives me crazy. I let him suck my nipples for a minute or two more, getting myself as swollen as possible before feeding him what he wants. I tell him to stroke his cock for me as I straddle his face and his open mouth. He obliges and begins jerking himself fast, bringing his hand all the way down to the base and back up again. I get myself into a comfortable position and watch his hand on his cock. I begin grinding slowly against his face, telling him to keep licking my clit. He's all over the place with his tongue: labia, vagina, ass, thighs and lips. When his tongue hits my clit, I feel like I will explode every time. But he teases me, despite my demands, and keeps moving around. I let it slip once that I enjoy teasing, in all forms, and he seems to have taken that to heart.

Fine, I think, smiling, and even chuckling out loud. If you won't keep your tongue on my clit, I'll keep my clit on your tongue. I begin grinding against his face with more enthusiasm. I'm certain that he's going to throw me off of him, but he never does. He just moans louder as I grind myself on him harder and harder. He grabs my hips and pulls me closer to him, causing me to mash into his face, with more pressure than I would ever imagine exerting.

We do this for a while. I'm an oral fiend. I could sit on a hot, warm, wet tongue for hours. But I pull myself off of his face and bring my mouth down to kiss his. I lick and nibble my fluids off of his face and lips. I can barely smell myself, but the scent is divine. I kiss him, and when I pull away he pulls me back, always wanting more. This could be highly addictive, I think cautiously. We lie down together, kissing, wrapping our arms around each other and just moving our bodies together. I ask him if he's still thinks our arrangement feels "weird" as he predicted it would, with a little laugh and smile. He just smiles and pulls me back to kiss him. I'm so into him that the feeling must be mutual, I think. Just smelling his armpits, neck and chest excites me. Everything about him excites me. His little spit and smother quirks, but above all the kissing.

It's time for a condom. I have exactly one large Lifestyles™, which goes on with some effort and a little magic on his part. Practice, I think to myself now. But he gets it on and lays me down. He kisses me and spreads my legs wider. I ask him to go slowly, sure this is going to hurt. He's made me so wet with his amazing tongue. "Put that cock in your pussy... put it inside" he says. Moaning, I reach down for it and do as he says. I guide just the tip into me and let go. I put my arms around his lower back and pull him to me. We kiss, and as he begins sliding into me, my eyes widen from the sensation. He asks if I am ok. Does it hurt? "Noooo..." I croon, "keep going. I want you inside of me... all the way, keep going". As he pushes farther, slowly, it hurts for the shortest second, and then he's inside of me, and my muscles are squeezing tightly around his cock. The look on his face, cocked eyebrow, smile, tell me that he feels my deliberate spasms around him. He starts moving faster, in and out of me, making that fantastic squishing noise. "See how wet you made my pussy? Do you see what you've done to me?" and he kisses me in response. I wrap my legs around his ass and pull him closer, urging him on. "Fuck me!" I tell him. "Fuck me how you like it" and he starts fucking me so fast and hard that he's literally a blur of motion and sweat and breath.

This goes on and on and on. Bent over, with him sliding into me slowly. On my back, his hands on my shoulders, blurring. Sitting on him... hopping, grinding, swiveling or furiously riding his hard cock. He was hard the whole time. I was amazed and pleased. Our hour-long session quickly became two, and then three hours. I missed my deadline, and he was late getting back to work. We didn't care. It's all I can think about since it happened. I want him now, right now, as my cunt throbs for his rubbered cock in my mouth.

I won't describe our orgasms. I don't even know if I had one, though I remember seeing his come spurt all over him, possibly twice. Climax was almost inconsequential to the whole session. Just hearing his offers to "please use" his fine, round and soft body was satisfaction enough. And I made full use of the ample facilities.

I thought that writing about this would get him and and his hotness out of my head. I think I've managed to accomplish exactly the opposite.

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