Monday, 15 February 2010

Golden Pleasures

My client tonight, Nate, is just amazing. I've seen him once before and I failed in my task (click for the sorry details). I didn't realize then, and even today, how difficult it is to pee in someone's mouth. It's really quite challenging. I have to get myself into a state of total focus. If I'm aroused, it's more difficult. If something is touching my cunt, I can almost forget it. What I really desire is to just let it go while he's licking me. I had to tell him to stop. To not touch me. He almost made me come so many times. I knew I couldn't come and piss. I will keep trying, but as of yet, I've been unable to. I finally was able to focus enough though...

We started by sharing a joint that he brought. Big, fat and fragrant (kind of like me, HA!). His hand touched my leg and my foot slid under his thigh. As soon as the joint was out I asked "what are we going to do now? Just talk maybe?" and I straddled his lap, bringing his head between my breasts. I could hear his muffled moans. And already I was swollen. I could feel him getting hard through our clothes. We kissed. His full beard and mustache was soft and long and not at all bothersome. I asked if he shaved down below. "No... should I?" he asked with a laugh. I wanted to devour him and get him naked right away, but I just told him "No... I love the hair. I even ordered my cleaning boy to stop shaving for a month!"

But cleaning boy, hot though he may be, was nowhere on my mind tonight. I got up from the sofa and led him to my bedroom. He got undressed fast. Got undressed and laid him down and straddled him promptly. As much as I love teasing, I lack in self control at times. Amazing cock. Hard before he undressed, and hard the entire session. As in twitching hard. We kissed. Tongue. Wet. Nipples and breasts in his face. I had no intention of letting him go until he got what he came for. he was pleased to hear this.

I moved up on his chest, and asked him to move down slightly to sit on his hot tongue. His oral skills are some of the best. He's one of the best lovers I've ever had in general. A bit shy, but so responsive, kinky and skilled. I alternated from kneeling over him, to reaching back to stroke his cock, to just straddling him with my body perfectly straight. Is stayed there for a while, totally engorged, swollen and dripping, though not feeling the urge to pee.

I got off to give him a break and could not keep myself away from his beautiful cock. I got him ready and went down, kissing his thighs and legs, inhaling his scent, trying to tease us both. I licked and sucked his balls, and slowly started licking his shaft. I was looking in his eyes the whole time, listening to him moan, trying to remember how he sounds, tastes, smells, looks. For later, when I crave him. Finally I took him in my mouth, and he gasped and moaned, retaining my gaze quite well. I sucked him for a while, slowly, remembering that he comes fairly easily, and still wanting to sit on his perfect cock. I moved back up for some licking, deciding against fucking him then. I still wanted to give him my golden nectar. But after a few minutes of his tongue on my clit, and feeling his arm stroking his hard cock, and knowing he still had the condom on from the oral, I just slid down and positioned my pussy right in front of it. His eyes staring. We kissed, again and again, tongues, lips, wet. I loved his hair. He tried to use his hand to guide it in but I stopped him. It slid in right then, and I rode him slowly, knowing he would tell me before he came. Squeezing him with my muscles. Pushing on his cock inside of me. Leaning back to get him all the way in. Staring at each other. Not going too crazy. Just enjoying our mutually swollen members.

Resume sitting on face. He ate my pussy from behind for at least 15 minutes and then asked for a short break. Normally submissive, he then asked me to lie down. Ok. I thought he'd be licking me, but instead he slipped inside me, lifting my legs up effortlessly the way tall, strong lumberjack-type men tend to do. He never fucked me before. I was always the top. But wow. Nice and slow, feeling the squeezing, enjoying the feeling of his cock getting harder. "I love that you have to stop yourself from coming!" Laughter, put it in deeper baby. Makes it easier to pee. Kissed my feet through my knee socks, kept my legs up. Came down, close to me. We kissed while he fucked me so slowly. I was trying to urge him on without making him lose it. At one point he pulled out completely, and I was sure he was done. He didn't seem to want to stop so I resumed my perch on his face, determined to soon let it all flow into his mouth. As if reading my mind, he asked me to spit in his mouth. I did, we kissed. Spit, kissed. Kissed, spit, licked.

Finally, I had him lay sideways on the bed. It took a while, and a bit of instructions, and some quiet, and his tongue OFF my clit, but finally I ordered him to open his mouth. I could feel it coming out of me. Kept stopping right when I felt I was going to pee. When I found a spot I was good with, I told him to not stop. Please do not stop. He didn't stop. Finally, a small trickle of piss came out of me. His cock was rock hard and in his hand. I wanted to take it in my mouth. Instead, I kept focusing, distracted by a beautiful man beneath whose tongue was close to making me come. When finally a bit more gushed out of me and into his mouth, he muffled "Oh, I'm going to come!" and without warning, hot, abundant come flew from his cock and landed literally all over me and all around the room. Normally not a fan, I was pleased to have his sperm all over my chest and neck (and wall, floor, dresser). We shared a shower soon after, and then a joint, and then he was gone, vowing to return again as soon as he could.

This counts as a rare occasion when I almost, almost feel bad for getting paid. I just want more. I hope he doesn't wait so long next time. My pussy swells for him.

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