Thursday, 11 February 2010

Why I love men

Admittedly, I have a tenuous love/hate relationship with the male gender. We'll leave the hate part out for now. But for all of their flaws and infuriating tendencies, I adore the fruits of the man tree. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Hair. I love hair on people's bodies. Men, in my experience, are more likely to actually have hair. I love a hairy chest and nice, thick pubes.

2. Smell. Maybe it's a pheromone thing, but I love the natural musky odor of a man. Well, most men...

3. Cocks. Hard, soft, big, small, curved... OH I love them ALL. Nothing makes me wet like watching a man shoot hot white cum all over himself. I love to see their hands encasing their own cocks, stroking them as though no one is watching.

4. Shoulders. I like the big shoulders on guys. Even the small guys. I love that Vshaped physique that men have. People always go on about how women are works of art, blah blah. True. But men are as well. I love the male form. Always makes me wet.

5. Voices. I love the deep sound a man's excited voice.

6. Warmth. I love how they feel when they wrap their arms around me. Makes me feel safe, warm and sexy.

7. Handy. While I am handy woman myself, I find the men in my life are always go out of their way to be helpful. Most men I meet, in fact. Perhaps it's a mean to a pussy-eating end, but I enjoy helpful people, ad the men I encounter usually fit that bill.

Don't even get me started about why I adore submissive males. Ok, maybe get me started.

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