Sunday, 24 January 2010

Handsome and Handy

I absolutely LOVE facesitting. Since I worked up the courage to do it, and enjoy it, a few years ago, I've been hooked. And combining it with my dominant side has only made it better. Something about a guy or girl pulling my hips closer to their face drives me crazy, especially when I'm afraid of being too aggressive, or going too far. To receive the encouragement is enough to make me swollen and drippy.

Another thing I love is when a lover can make me climax. Oddly enough, it happens with clients more than it ever did with lovers in my "personal" life. Today is stuck in my mind. I've never, ever had to stop myself from coming when someone else was touching or licking me. With my own hand, sure. I often have to stop if I want to prolong climax. But for a lover to make me come is difficult. He would have made come ten minutes after beginning had I not stopped and put my nipples in his mouth. While sucking them though, he kept fingering me. And to tell me that you have a fetish for making women come? What do you think that does to me? How can such a soft spoken, young and innocent looking man, with a teen's voice, have this effect on me? Unbelievable skill in clit licking and nipple sucking. Helpful. Too cute and sweet. Seriously. I could sit on warm tongues for hours. He made me come twice today. And he came twice. And he fixed my plumbing problem. Amazing.

I love my life.

Also, went to a nice workshop today with the cutest kitties. I miss having animals around.

And OHMYGOD! I had the most amazing Indian dinner yesterday. Naans at Bloor and Bathurst, South East corner, just past the Green Beanery. I HIGHLY recommend the Malai Kofta... AMAZING.

And a few people asked, and Montreal was awesome. I went to Mont Royal, Art Galleries, Jean Talon and Notre-Dame (which, regrettably, was closed - and I pleaded in French for a quick and short passage, to no avail). And I realized tonight that I have actually accomplished one of my "official" life goals: design a book cover (I designed a whole book...)

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