Wednesday, 17 October 2012

2012 update

It's been forever since I've updated this blog. Sorry to people who follow it. Happens to blogs I follow all the time, and I'm always like "come onnnn! write something!"

So how about an update? Okie. Life's been decent to me since I last posted. Or rather, I've been decent to me. I realized that self-love is a daily and ongoing process, and I've been doing better in that regard. Eating well, swimming and cycling regularly, making myself feel and look beautiful, spending lots of time with my family and friends. My dating life has been fun this year, but I am still very much single. Nothing stuck, you know? For a Libran female who loves the attentions of the lovely men, being single, solitary, most of the time, can be tough. While I love sex for money, casual one-night stands for free aren't really my thing anymore, and I've stopped having them. It's funny, because people think I have sex ALL THE TIME. Quite the opposite is true. While I'm reasonably busy with clients, and yes, I do have sex with some of my amazing clients, I'm quite inactive sexually. Hey, why not book a session and help me out with that? I've explained before: The money aspect makes me feel respected, appreciated, and important to the person I'm engaging with. Having sex with some rando bar dude, who may or may not be into me, doesn't satisfy me. But with a client, paying a high rate just to spend time with me... I feel special, which makes me feel horny.

And on that happy note, I'm now offering light submission services to Dominant clients. See my site for details. I've been interested in power play for years, but I've never spent much time exploring my submissive side. A regular and trusted client asked if I'd be interested in some slapping and light bondage, and I was instantly swollen at the mere thought of this. We've since explored a bit more with bondage, light pain, gagging, and forced oral, and I am actually surprised by how much I enjoy it. Out of context violence or aggression are a total turn-off for me, but negotiated power play scenes are erotic and joyful. I always feel rejuvenated and happy afterwards. So I am looking forward to exploring this further, and with different partners.

Why do these blog posts often start innocuously and end with me feeling a deep urge to be bent over and fingered?

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