Monday, 1 June 2009

My kind of night :)

I have this new lover, Mr. Hutchinson, and we got together Friday night. He's funny. He's gorgeous: Big blue eyes, orange-ish hair everywhere (well, almost) and an amazing smile, with skin that I could kiss and inhale for hours. As soon as he walked in we began making out. I'd been wanting him all week, all day, with the memory of our first time together still fresh in my mind. Kissing him was intense, sweet and so erotic. The way his lips would suck mine in, the way he'd steal my tongue and hold it with his lips, the way his fingers fluttered across my face... all make me wet and swollen, even now as I recall. And then to look down and see those beautiful big eyes looking back at mine is enough to make me smile in ecstasy.

I don't even remember how things unfolded, really. I remember some vague chill time, with drinks, doobs and teasing touches from him, and maybe a few from me. I was nervous, which is something I rarely am in the company of men. But he was so hot, so attractive to me, and I felt like a little girl with a crush. I remember wanting to lay my head in his lap but not doing so. I lay my hand there instead. I remember almost spilling our drinks as I pounced on him, breasts in his face smothering him, and I remember him smartly moving the entire table away. I remember the curtains being open and thinking that anyone walking by would see us, half naked on the sofa, with my breasts out and in his face, with him sucking on my nipples and me clawing at his clothing and squeezing him with my thighs. I remember thinking that I wouldn't care. That even if I knew someone were watching, I wouldn't have stopped.

In my bed, we kissed slowly, quickly, roughly and gently for a long time. He either enjoys it as much as I do, or he was trying to arouse me. I spent a lot of time on his unbelievable lips, kissing, touching, sucking and just barely licking them with my tongue. His neck, his hot spot, is where I focus when I want to see his cock twitch. I won't even get started on his cock yet as I am trying to keep my panties dry right now. He kept sucking on my tongue and kissing me, driving me crazy. Nothing turns me on more than kissing a guy I am really into while he plays with my nipples, especially if I can see or feel how hard he is.

This seemed to go on for hours, though I know it did not. Eventually, he began doing what he does best: eating my pussy. He goes down very slowly, slower than any man I ever met, spending alot of time on my breasts, chest, stomach, legs, thighs... this is treatment I am unaccustomed to, but it was so enjoyable. I just feel so spoiled and lazy, idly lying there, legs open, while he services me.

And what a service! He starts off with just light flicks of his tongue on my labia. This makes my pussy open farther for him. He uses his fingers to open me up more, and to expose my, at this point, very hard clit. He likes to tease, which suits me fine, and he does so by just licking my clit very gently a few times. He licks downwards, down to where I am so wet and I feel the tip of his finger feeling for my tight hole. He pushes a finger inside and I clamp down around it, moaning and savoring such an amazing sensation as he pushes it in slowly. He takes it out and tastes it, moaning, saying I taste so good. He does it again, this time putting the finger in my mouth, letting me taste it. I honestly don't know what all the fuss over my cum is about, as to me it tastes odd. Perhaps because I am not accustomed to it. Either way, his willingness to please, and his skill in pleasing, made me gush. When he came up to kiss me at one point, letting me taste myself, he surprised me. I realized, sticking my tongue out to meet his, that his mouth was full of my cum. I almost gagged as I was not expecting it. I was so turned by this, and in fact, it's still in my mind even today, three days later. The fact that he sucked all of that cum out of me shows something about his skill. I don't know that I've ever cum so much on my own or with anyone else, in my entire life. That he loves to eat it is both slightly gross and highly erotic and makes me feel so appreciative. I would do almost anything to please him.

Which includes taking him in my mouth, something my paranoid self rarely does. I love to have him lie back and slide all over him, kissing his lips, his nipples, licking his neck and dangling my breasts in his face for him to suck on and tease. The other night I was rubbing myself against him, hearing him moan and feeling his hard cock twitching beneath me. I wanted him inside of me at that instant but I waited. Waited until much later. At that point, I just wanted to suck him, on my hands and knees, and feel my pussy almost explode from the excitement. I commented that another guy would be useful while I am in that position, to fuck me. I wish I could suck him and fuck him at the same time.

His moans, hearing him call my name again and again, all make me start to drip. I turned around at one point, still sucking him, so he could "inspect" the dripping in my cunt, and straddled his face. Little hairs tickled me and got me going. He spanked my ass, though not as extensively as last time, and I started grinding myself against his face, feeling so close to coming.

After a short break, I went back to his beautiful, hard cock. I kissed him all over, licking his skin, rubbing him with hair on my head, on his chest, stomach, thighs. I licked his balls, something I know drives him crazy, listened to his moaning and watched him get harder and harder as I played with him. When he seemed ready to explode, I gave his cock a short lick. I wasn't sure he'd even feel it, but he did. I then took his balls right in my mouth, sucking very lightly, and using my tongue in a more rapid back and forth motion. This seemed to really arouse him as he grabbed my hands, head, anything he could reach, and squeezed. I told him how good he tasted, how sexy he was lying there, looking down at me. Finally, I moved up to kiss him quickly and returned to his cock, still rock hard and twitching. I started licking him up and down, side to side, very gently, before licking the head. He was extremely wet and leaking and using my tongue there made him leak even more. When I finally put my mouth around his dick I was sure he would come right then, he seemed that aroused. I was moaning the whole time, both for sensation and because I was very turned on by his response. He seems the type more accustomed to giving rather than receiving, but I could not have stopped myself from pleasuring this beautiful man if I'd wanted to. He was just so deserving of it.

This went on for a while. Sucking, fingering, jerking, kissing and licking each other. We would play, then stop, play, stop, and so on, for a few hours. I would done it all night if I could have, just kissing and sucking him until he begged me to stop. When he began fingering me lightly, I told him the secret that makes me come quickly. I told him to just use one finger and just put it inside me until first little knuckle. Just at the opening. He fingered me so good while I rubbed my clit that I was coming within a minute of him doing that. I just exploded all over his finger. He seemed satisfied at that point, and I was too.

I got on top of him shortly after that, riding his dick for a while before asking him if I could turn around. I wiggled my ass against him and he seemed to slide in me so easily. His cock felt so good inside of me I could have stayed like for an hour. Eventually, we drifted off to sleep, after fucking in several positions several times. He was one of the most amazing lovers I ever had the pleasure of taking to bed.

I eagerly await our next meeting.

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