Monday, 8 June 2009

Thanks to you, Mr. Hutchinson

Just wow. This new lover is working out beautifully so far. I'm so glad we met at this point.

Again, as soon as he walked in the door, we were kissing, quite passionately. I just can not help myself. He attracts me, he smells good, tastes good and when he kisses me my pussy swells open, especially when I can feel his hard-on through his pants. That condition seems to be quite normal for him, which pleases me immensely. Feeling a man so erect like that drives me insane. Watching them jerk off is one of my favorite pass-times, and in fact, often a source of income. When I get to see them come, and it goes all over their chest and stomach... I almost start convulsing inside. I've never even seen him coming on himself, but it's something I look forward to.

We kissed for a couple of minutes, moaning and lightly sucking each others' tongues. He suggested we smoke a joint. I suggested gin. I made us drinks and we sat down on the sofa to smoke a joint, with him teasing me every time it was my turn to smoke. He stuck his big toe inside of me, while he rolled a joint. This turned me on in an unexpected and big way, first because he looked so sexy lying there naked, and second because of the skill and dexterity required to accomplish such a task. The fact that the cat was in love with him only makes him more appealing to me.

We eventually ended up in my bed. As we were drinking, some of the details are foggy. I remember alot of kissing, which we both seem to enjoy immensely. I do remember him wanting to try something different that night: He wanted to attempt putting his balls inside me. That turned out exactly the way I thought it would. We came close at one point, and had I not wiggled my ass, he may have succeeded. I'm fairly tight, and balls are fairly... loose and unmanageable. But he's on my "gets pretty much whatever he wants" list, so I was more than willing to help him live out a fantasy, odd though I found it (which is mostly because I had NEVER heard of such a thing).

The highlight of the night was definitely when he was kneeling between my legs and rubbing his hard cock against my hard clit. He makes me so swollen and wet that I am always begging him to put it inside of me. He feels so good inside of me. Watching him rub against me, watching his chest move back and forth, and occasionally stealing a glance at our naked bodies in the mirror made me insanely wet and horny. Within about three minutes of him doing this, I was convulsing and hollering and begging him to fuck me right then. I think either our drunkenness or our inability to find a condom prevented us from doing so.

All I know is I slept well that night. He passed out for a few hours and we resumed our play when he awoke. I enjoy having him in my bed all night. I like having access to his cock, lips and tongue in the morning. We had even more fun a few night ago. That story is coming.

I might be seeing the hunter tonight. It's been such a long time since we've gotten together. I almost forget what he looks like.

Next story: The tale of the hot Swede sub.

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