Friday, 3 July 2009

My First Testimonial :)

HAHA!! I got my first "testimonial" email today. I've received many compliments, but this was so extensive and well thought-out that it was more impressive to me, and thus worthy of the "testimonial" label. He said I could post it on my blog if I wished, so here it is:

"Hey Janelle,

Wow. I just saw you a few hours ago and I'm still hard thinking about what we did together. I can't get over how huge and soft your breast [sic] are. That pic you post doesnt do you justice my dear. And you really are beautiful. You should really thinking about posting face pics with your ad. You would get alot of business. There are so few truly big, beautiful women, but I would count you among them. I'll be jerking off to your blog pics shortly ;)

Thanks again, and see you next *****day,

Daniel VanDerWoodsen"

Name changed to protect the sexy and satisfied.

I am so flattered!! I'm very busy with painting these days. I'm just going full speed back into erotic art.

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