Sunday, 12 July 2009

Friday night was nothing to sniff at either...

I met a new slave on Friday. A small-cocked wonder he was, with a surprising accent that I still can't help but try to imitate. We met outdoors. He looked insanely normal. The kind of normal person who would play a twisted killer on CSI. Cute though, and well-spoken.

I got him inside, discussed rules, and got him undressed. He passed the scent test for cleanliness. I've had a few dirty boys who did not. I scolded those losers for ever daring to present themselves to me that way, though I now think not harshly enough. There was one, Ethan, who I even let slide with it back when I first began. Au futur, he will not get away with that. But Ethan has stopped coming around and is nowhere near deserving of even a snippet of an entry, so back to my new slave. I'm going to call him Mr. Tiny as I feel he is deserving of that title.

Cute, big innocent eyes and a calm demeanor. Perfect. I feel like when recounting the tale, I can let loose more than in the moment. The hardest thing about controlling these little foot stools is controlling my own desire. Not letting them blow their sad little loads all over themselves is one of my greatest challenges. But I enjoy seeing them squirm more than I enjoy seeing them squirt, so somehow, always, je me d'├ębrouille.

So Mr. Tiny began his training by kneeling between my fully clothed legs. He was told not to call me Mistress or any cheesy, banal names like that. Boring! He was told to raise his hand if he wanted to speak. Unless spoken to. He did mumble a few answers at first, but a few firm What-did-you-say?'s and he was speaking clearly for the rest of the session. Apparently, he likes being my bitch. I know this because after I tested his basic obedience skills, with which I was fairly impressed, I had him rise, turn, and bend over before me on the bed (and at that moment I was filled with a searing anger over the douchebag who stole my strap-on. Who does that?? It would have been so perfect to have at that moment). I was at a loss as to how to make his ass red without a serious lashing. I spanked him repeatedly but never quite achieved the redness I sought. Next time I will re-double my efforts and make that boy's bottom burn. Next time.

This time, as I had him bent over, with my gloved hands slapping and probing him, I confirmed that he was, in fact, my bitch. And that he's a pathetic little shit. He even admitted it, which did not surprise me. And with his manly-yet-nerdy type accent, I was understandably pleased and aroused. Pleased enough to use THREE different colored clothes pins on his balls. I started with pink, which for some reason, likely social conditioning, I would think men would find most emasculating. I wasn't sure how much he could take, and I know I can go much further next time, but I placed first pink, then light blue, and then green. I wish he had agreed to be photographed. He looked great from that angle, his balls pulled back tightly, his tiny limp cock just hanging there, helpless and begging to be slapped around. When I shoved my anal prober inside of him, he looked even better.

I fucked his ass for a good long while, trying my hardest to pace myself. I just wanted to make him eat my pussy. But instead, I made him watch. I sat him in a chair across from me and removed most of my clothes, except for my bra and panties. I told him that I wanted his little cock to grow. I told him that if he liked me, he would get hard for me. I told him to stroke his puny cock but not to come. "Do you know what will happen if you DO come? I will make you eat it. You will come when I say. Understand?" He said yes, emphatically, he did understand.

Something about fucking a guy's ass and then watching his stupid attempts at making his tiny cock larger, as I idly rub my nipples through my bra, really gets me going. I stood before him, ordered him not to stop stroking himself, and removed my bra. I ordered him to suck my nipple. And the other. He did this for a while, hungrily. I was swollen and knew I would climax soon if I went near my clit. I removed my panties, smelled them, and shoved them into his open mouth. I lie back down, and told him to keep stroking himself. I told him how badly I wanted to fuck. If only his cock was bigger, I would fuck him. I told him how pathetic he looked, with my black panties stuffed into his mouth, little cock in hand, furiously stroking up and down. I started fucking my pussy with a vibrator, fast enough to make myself moan and gush all over it. I got up, took my panties out of my mouth, and made him suck it. He did it, looking at me all the while. He kept moaning the whole time, turning me on even more.

He earned a taste, I thought. This is what I told myself. I ordered him up and down, right on the floor, in front of my bed. I stood above him, and squatted right down on his face. I lifted my dripping pussy up and down a few times to tease him, and then I was kneeling on his face, with my chest and arms on the bed. I never positioned a slave exactly like that before, but it was perfect. I told him to suck me first and he did. I told him to lick my clit next. My cunt was so swollen. I could feel his nose and chin between my lips. I knew I would come right away. I couldn't stop it. Only one guy, ever, in my whole life, made me come that fast by licking my pussy. I rode his face for less than 3 minutes and I was convulsing all over him, with my cum dripping on his face, him moaning under me and still feeling his arm furiously stroking his cock. (In contrast, the other guy who made me come like that from oral, years ago, was deported back to Brasil two weeks later. Less than 30 seconds! No joke. Someone even came out to use the washroom while I was climaxing.)

I don't normally allow slaves to eat me out, but I am so glad I did. I kept telling him that it was really too bad his cock was so small. I love to get fucked by a big cock after I climax. Not for too long, just as long as it's big and stiff.

What happened after that... I tortured him for an hour. I forced him to masturbate while watching me play with my pussy. I told him to make himself come, and tell me when he was going to explode. At the moment he was about to come, I told him to stop stroking. I told him, again, that if he made a mess, or came, he would have to eat it. Then I told him to make himself come again. And I told him to stop. I did this for some time. Finally, a placed a clock in front of him and told him to come all over himself at EXACTLY 1:20. He was told that he had only one minute. If he failed, he would not be allowed to come. He watched the clock and sure enough, a few seconds after 1:20 struck, he was coming all over his chest and stomach. I kissed him gently and thanked him, and then ordered him to clean himself off.

I have such fun plans for him next time. The ropes must come out. And I had this overwhelming urge to dress him up a bit... Teach him exactly how to make me come. Perhaps give him an orgasm test. So many ideas for my little bitch. And I mean bitch in the nicest, least sexist and misogynistic way. I have a real affection for these slaves. Too many ideas swirling around right now. I must sleep now.


  1. Thank you very much for allowing me the privilege of being your bitch that night! I must admit I got very very lucky at 1:20. I happened to be ready to cum at 1:19 and barely held on. I cannot wait for the next session.

    I strongly encourage anyone who is even remotely curious about this beautiful woman to make an appointment. You will not be disappointed. She is very gentle to first timers, a genuinely kind person and of course, is wonderfully demanding when the session begins.

  2. janelleflemming14 July 2009 at 08:07

    AW!! I think I am blushing now!