Wednesday, 15 July 2009


I can't get him out of my head, so I must write. I told him to stay tuned. I just didn't know it would be so soon. I didn't think I would still be all swollen almost twelve hours later and writing about him just to get rid of the lingering memory.

So wow. Not sure what else to say. Rarely am I that attracted to someone physically. If I hadn't had friends coming over, I would have asked him to stay, something I never, as a matter of principle, do. EVER. Even after he dressed and was leaving I grabbed him and kissed him, chatted with him, for at least twenty minutes. I feel like I should not feel this way about a client, but I can not help myself. He was so cute, firstly. This is the first thing I noticed. That his photo, in no way, does him justice. "Wow" I said "You're really good looking".

Before he went to shower, I looked in his eyes, grabbed him and kissed him, unsure of how he would react. He said he'd never been with a big girl, and I was afraid of rejection after I saw him. But, I was in luck. He responded with a very soft moan and kissed me back. I put my hands on his neck and face and pulled him closer. He moaned again. I was turned on at this point. I was even a bit turned on when I first saw him coming through the walkway. I put my arms around his neck. He moaned louder and put his arms around my waist, pulling me right against him, making me groan. We stayed like this for a couple of minutes, kissing outside the washroom door, rarely losing eye contact. Finally I let him go wash his day away, and I ventured outdoors to retrieve my art book.

I went to my bedroom, unsure of what to do. I ALWAYS, or almost always, know what to do with a man, especially one so young. Should I leave my pants on? He likes tight jeans... Or should I be waiting in my black lace undies when he emerges all clean? I opt for the undies, take off my pants, and lie on my bed reading, waiting for him. Finally, the shower turns off, rustling occurs, and the washroom door opens. He walked to my room wrapped in only my burgundy towel, smiling shyly. I smile, put my book away, and rise to my knees. He's in front of me. I pull him to me, smile, and flick his nipples with my tongue. I love licking and sucking, pretty much anything clean and fresh-smelling. I think I have an oral fixation (which, if you think about it, is possibly associated with breast feeding? Something I think I never did).

I just wanted to hear him moan. To please him, make him feel good, and make sure he comes back for more. I'm already in trouble at this point, I already want more, and he's still in a towel. I lick and suck him for a while, savoring his sighs and breath, and then I reach for him and kiss him deeply. Sometimes, whoever I am with, all the eye contact gets to me. But not today. Not with him. I just wanted to watch him, to see him in pleasure. He seemed to get off on my pleasure as well, which is a turn on in itself. We kiss like this for a while, doing exactly what he told me he likes, which happens to be exactly what I like. Lots of kissing, no rushing and just savoring a new lover's sounds, smells and smiles. The kind of thing that, for me, is nearly impossible to fake. There must be some attraction if I am kissing someone like this. Just because I am getting paid doesn't mean that under different circumstances, or in a different time, it wouldn't happen for free, or that I can look deeply into your eyes and make you feel something not real. I could, but not in bed. In bed, I am pure me.

And he smelled and tasted so good. I wish he was right beside me right now. Client/personal would cease to exist. I would cross that forbidden un-crossable line and just make love with him all night and cancel all of my appointments tomorrow, including three which could prove to be very lucrative.

What else happened? We kissed alot, passionately, playfully, eagerly and unhurriedly. My undies came off. His eyes almost popped out of his head over my breasts. Guys really, really like my breasts. I still don't see all the fuss. Or all the fuss over my cum. To me, it tastes like yogurt. I don't know what else to compare it to. It's been years since I ate pussy other than my own. Off topic, and now I am thinking of pussy. I'm so turned on again. Am I a sex addict? Possibly. Probably. Yes. Likely. I am. Whatever.

So yes. We kissed, I got swollen, engorged, wet. While we kissed, he asked if I wanted a wet tongue in my pussy. Ahhh. Just hearing the words, and even remembering them now, makes me swell and pulsate. I lie down and he started. First, with my nipples, and teasing my lips with his tongue. Just how I like it. Not a tongue jabbed into my mouth. Just light flicks over my lips, just a simple swipe inside my mouth, followed by his lips on mine. Just like that... yeah. He made my nipples hard. I pinched them as he went down on me. For an inexperienced young man, he was unbelievably skilled at oral. Wow. It's ironic that a few years ago, I BEGGED men to eat me out and they consistently refused. Now they pay me. I love it and brag about it more than I should. The quality of men I now attract, both personally and professionally, is astounding compared to that.

And who knows how long after this, he kisses me, letting me taste my barely-there taste and scent. It's intoxicating. I love smelling myself all over a guy's face, fingers and body. Reminds me of his willingness and hunger to please me. And of my own willingness and desire to please him. I tell him I want him to lie down and he smiles and lies down. I turn and face him, and get on top of him, making sure not to let our bare parts do not touch. I want to let them touch. I want to do everything with him, but I stop myself, the way I always stop myself. I just shove my nipples in his mouth, alternating them, shaking them, and my ass, against him. All the while, he's watching me with those brown eyes, driving me crazy.

I kiss his lips, his neck, ears, lick him all over his neck, listening for verbal cues, for changes in his breath. For sighs, moans and groans. I know he likes to be kissed. He likes to be kissed the way I like to kiss a man I am seriously attracted to. I wish I had kissed him everywhere, head to toe. If I see him again, I will kiss him everywhere. For today I settled with lips, neck, ears, cheeks, eyelids, nose, chest, nipples, stomach, thighs and cock. When I reached his cock, I took my time. Got him ready and licked him up and down. Made him harder before I put my lips around him. He has a nice penis, and I definitely want to spend more time with it.

I don't even remember the sequence of events anymore. Nor do I think it's important. He asked if I "did facesitting" which made me laugh out loud. "Hmmm... it's my all-time favorite thing" I said. I told him he was in a perfect position and straddled his face, with my chest and arms against the cold wall in front of me. I want more. NOW. To be rubbing against his face, chin, lips, nose... hearing him moan beneath me, feeling him pull me closer to him. After a while, I turned to face the other way, so that I could take him in my mouth. Eventually I could take it no longer. I knew the time was nearing when my friends would arrive at my door. We'd been together for almost two hours. I told him I wanted to see him come. I told him to keep stroking himself as he was when I was rubbing my pussy against his face. I knelt in front of him, and put my hard nipple in his mouth, which he greedily sucked. I knew I would come at any moment, rubbing my wet, swollen clit with my fingers. I wanted to see him first. I couldn't wait. Well, I could have. I could have stopped fingering myself, but I just told him I was going to come any time. He was pleased, and stroked himself faster. Do men have any fucking idea how hot they look when they jerk off? Especially if they stroke it like no one is watching; Legs all open, toes curled, their hand just a blur of frenzied motion. Suddenly, finally though, it was too late. I'd rubbed myself too long, and even when I stopped, I was started to climax so I just told him I was coming. "Yeah?" he said breathlessly and excitedly, which just caused me to explode. I saw his cum shoot from him, on his chest and arms. I almost fell completely on top of him as I came.

Fuck. I want it now. I must sleep. I have a meeting at 9 am, which is.... oh wow. 2.5 hours. Just amazing. I am pleased.

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