Sunday, 12 July 2009

A Day of Firsts.. Saturday

My very macho, manly Italian friend painted his fingernail shiny purple! That was a first, and something I never imagined I would see. My local bar now serves fruity girl drinks. Another first. I indulged in several fruity girl drinks and for the first time in a long time, I could not drink any more. I lost my favorite sunglasses and I didn't freak out in the sun.

I also had sex with a client. Officially. That's what I went there for. That's what we discussed. The two times it happened in the past, it just happened because I was so horny that I offered it. But this time that was what I was there to do. It feels like it's been a while since I got fucked, and I think, for my standards, it was. A few weeks, at least, and then it would have been with one of my since-departed lovers. Sigh. I miss them alot, still. The wound is fresh and raw, but I do have needs. The sex I had on Saturday was a welcomed distraction. It was also the first time I went "out" for a call where things worked out well.

And well.. I was very pleased to say the least. Some nice flattery and kissing to start with, sucking on my nipples, oral on me, facesitting (my all-time fave!) on a really comfy, well-positioned bed... and then doggy-style fucking. He had such a nice cock. And he was so cute, innocent looking, and smelled so good. And he fucked me so good. I almost felt bad, I enjoyed it so much. I didn't come, but I could have I think. I was so turned on, so swollen and so wet. He then turned me around, on my back, and fucked me for a few minutes. I think I made him come when he stopped thrusting and I kept pushing against him. I didn't want him to stop, but I get off on watching them come too, so what I am to do? I just lie back and watched him come into a condom, all dripping and engorged I was.

Overall, a fantastic day. Hot sex, extra cash, fun with friends and a new appreciation of a new and previously harshly judged neighborhood. Which neighborhood... that is a secret!


I'm so horny now. I have a boobage session tomorrow morning. I can't sleep, though I should be. And it's so damn cold! Where has summer gone? (that's rhetorical. Thanks corporate world for the joys of global warming)

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