Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Freaked out

I found myself on this site, and I'm a bit freaked out. I guess it's to be expected.

Men can be so, so mean. I get that not everyone is into my body type, but why do they seem to HATE a big woman so much? Is it just repressed desire? Why not just move on instead of hurling insults like:

"Firstly this check looks like she's had 10 big macs too many but maybe you like them a bit plump"

LOL. I haven't had a big mac in years. And duh, obviously no one is going to choose me if they don't like them "plump". Dumbass. At least I can spell too. And this one:

"pretty much if all the pictures are really, really dark, then you know there is something there she isn't exactly wanting you to see. She is most certainly a very big girl. If you are into that sort of girl, she appears to be a good BBW - but I tend to prefer my girls to be smaller than me."

Pretty big assumption on his part. Guess he never thought I was doing self-portraits and battling low lighting, a cheap camera and no way to focus... How can someone look at those shots, where it's all RIGHT there, and think I am trying to hide how I look? I mean HELLO... I don't hide the fact that I am a fat girl. NOR do I airbrush, something I could easily do, and which is something that almost EVERY other girl does...

Sigh. Why do some men insist on being such evil, insecure little douchebags?

Meh. I don't take this crap personally anyways. They're probably just angry over the size of their weiners. And that they have to pay for action.

I wonder... if I was a stereotypically hot girl, would I then have the misfortune of meeting guys like this? All of my clientele are respectful, clean, attractive and very turned on by me. A few of them are smoking hot. Does my fat insulate me in ways I was unaware of? Does it keep the insecure, narrow-minded assholes away?

Also, I am NOT feeling well today... blech....


  1. I find you incredibly stunning, if you haven't noticed Miss

  2. That fool just doesn't understand how beautiful you really are, Janelle. I came across your CL post and absolutely became enamoured. I will be contacting you properly in the next month or so when I have enough saved for both rent for my own place and a decent tribute for you.

    That guy who insulted you isn't even worth spitting on, because that would be too much effort on your part and too great a gift for him. You are amazingly beautiful and any of your current boys will tell you that.

    Chin up and smile knowing that you have lovers who are evidently quite devoted AND are probably 100 times better looking than that peon.