Thursday, 19 November 2009

30 things I love about my work

There are so many reasons I love what I do, creative and artistic work aside. This is a preliminary list, inspired partly by Isabel Hosti's 69 things I love about sex work video (sooo hot and sweet)

1. The smile on the face
2. I enjoy making people feel good
3. the look in the eyes
4. Hot showers and delicious body wash
5. Painting my nails red
6. The hardness
7. My swollen pussy
8. The breathlessness
9. Cum-filled male stomachs
10. Role playing
11. Moaning
12. Orgasm from oral
13. So many faces to sit on, so little time
14. Music
15. Squat fucking
16. The adoration
17. Counting cash
18. Powdering my ass
19. Revealing my huge breasts
20. Straddling
21. Twitching cocks
22. Buying panties for brown-haired white boys
23. Wearing my strap-on
24. Kissing
25. The smells of cologne and sex
26. Feeding my oral fixation
27. The anxiety and anticipation
28. Boobs. Lots of boobs in this profession
29. The thanks-for-brightening-my-day clients
30. Mouths and fingers on my hard nipples

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