Thursday, 26 November 2009


I'm heading out for a bra fitting. I may purchase one, I may not. The bras where I'm going range from $80 to possibly $200 (maybe more, I don't know). I'm scared. Scared to leave the store in tears, which is generally what happens when I go bra shopping (which, honestly, I never do. How have I managed all these years?). I feel weak, but it is so frustrating to have hundreds of dollars to spend on lingerie and not be able to find anything. I also want a corset at some point. But for me, these things are insanely expensive.

Oh well. I have a feeling this will go well. The lady I spoke to assured me that they have up to KK cups in stock. I'm positive I'm not that huge. I put myself at F or FF because the 2nd largest bra I've ever tried was an EEcup, and the largest was I cup. The I was a bit loose, and the EE was extremely tight. So... I don't know. Maybe I'm larger than FF and I can increase my size on my ads.

Wish me luck readers! I'm taking a budget of $140 with me. I may hold off, or I may come home with a new bra.

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