Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Open mindedness

I was asked a while ago on the phone to describe what I meant by "open-minded", as I claim to be that on my ad. "Well", I said awkwardly, "it means I'm not a conservative kind of person. That I am open to try new things"

Does that include Greek, I hear in response, once again, because, apparently, saying "NO ANAL" in my ads/blog is not enough. This is the fourth such inquiry in two days.

"Well" I say again, "that has nothing to do with open-mindedness. I'm just not into pain". Which, to be honest, is not totally true. I do enjoy spanking, and getting spanked if it's done correctly, and I did have that wicked orgasm once when I put clothespins on my labia and nipples. But that's another, hotter story.

When I say open minded, I mean open minded. I mean I don't see normal as "normal". I see society's normal as weird. Mortgages, marriage, kids, minivans, cable and flat screens all irk me to no end. Give me a pair of cuffs any day of the week and watch me invent a new game. I mean I like to bend and stomp on gender roles. I question everything, even when I am absolutely certain I know it all. I've done anal, I just don't like it. I give anal with a bitchin' strap-on. I am aware that everything we know in this life may be just one huge dream. The point is, I am open to the possibility of anything. But anal-obsession is so banal, you know?

I guess in my world the measure of one's open-mindedness isn't whether or not you're willing to take it up the butt. It's more about being in-tune with your sexuality and knowing what you want, but also being willing to push your boundaries and try new things (which, to me, does not include ass tearing. Been there, done that. NEXT). And what's with the obsession with anal these days anyways? Geeeez. I have a cunt as tight as a 10-year-old's. Granted, the caller has never sampled my cunt, but still. Is it just because people watch too much mainstream porn and think that rough, degrading, nasty sex is fun for me? (HINT: Those women are ACTING. Shocking, I know)

Either way, there are thousands of women out there who offer anal, at a much lower rate, so why are they bothering me, I have to wonder?

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