Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I like the sweet, sensual guys... Client I had just now, Naman, a Bull, was so delicate and erotic. And the look when he came almost made me come. He was sort of unlike any client I've ever seen. He kissed lightly the areas usually only I pay attention to. Arms, hands, head, basically anything he could reach. And OMFG I love being fingered gently, not deeply. So few men realize that the g-spot on many women is right there at the opening, not way up in our vaginas.

As long as I can remember not to take the prank calls personally, and remember that any business has to deal with jerks, then I am perfectly content with my job. Best. Job. EVER! Period. But I need to do more to occupy my time. I find myself idling too often lately.

OOOOH. And I painted last night, something beautiful, erotic, and a bit different from anything I've done so far. Will post something soon.

Also, my Youtube popularity is growing exponentially. Apparently Smokedman LOVES me!

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