Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I get sweaty sometimes when I fuck. Likely because I don't exercise enough. I'm going to exercise more. Sexercising is my favorite though. Mr. Taurus just left, and once again, he rocked my world. Most clients don't have much endurance when I start working my magic. This is good. This is my goal. If I can make you come more than once, I am delighted. But sometimes it's nice to have a good missionary fuck, followed by doggy and then watching him stroke his beautiful cock until he comes on my chest. I love watching it spurt out, though not the cleanup so much. But the cleanup is well worth the sight of it and the look on his cute face. So damn sexy, and soooo good at fucking. I had an orgasm from sex too, which never ever happens to me, and then a little mini clit orgasm while I watched him jerk off. I'm sleepy, hungry and thirsty, and my pussy is wet and still a bit swollen. Best. Clients. Ever.

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