Monday, 14 June 2010

I Love Myself...

Often, I touch myself. When I awake in the morning, I let my hands brush my nipples, checking for hardness. If they're hard, sometimes only a light pinching is enough to arouse me. Sometimes they're hard, and I just roll out of bed instead, eager for a new day. But all masturbation includes my nipples. My nipples are my most sensitive spot, the direct pipeline to my clit, labia and vagina (and the PB muscle in general).

This is usually how I start when I masturbate. Lightly touching my nipples, and then gently pinching and squeezing them. Sometimes I suck and lick them, but that's a task better left to eager others' mouths. Sometimes, like just now, I rub them through my clothing, knowing that only an extra few strokes would be enough to get me off track and onto my bed or futon, soon to moan in climax. But normally, I close my eyes. Get comfortable. Relax. Smile. Let my hands run over my body, my curves, my thighs, my ass, my belly. I like to tease myself sometimes. Other times, I just yank my pants down, pull my shirt up, and make myself come in 30 seconds. A self-quickie. But most often, I start with the nipples to get my pussy swollen. Feeling it expand between my legs and become engorged with 98˚ blood. My labia usually starts to swell first. I clench my muscles to turn myself on even more. I've been getting well acquainted with my Gspot lately. It's so exposed, so open, now that I know where it is. But this comes later.

First I turn myself on. Sometimes I fantasize. Usually I just get off on myself. On rare occasions, I will watch amateur porn: guys jerking off, or big, beautiful women getting licked and fucked, or both. I keep one hand, my left, on my nipple, and let my right hand slide down slowly. I've been exercising lately, and am more flexible. This is great for touching myself. I usually let my fingers barely brush my pussy, just to get it as swollen as possible. When I start to get really aroused, I spread my legs wide. Sometimes I get on all fours and reach back. Then I seek out my hard clit. I get it exposed and lightly brush it. I'll rub it in circles a few times, not too hard, not too soft, just to get a sense of how quickly I will come. At times I'll use lube, but more often I just pop my "fuck you" finger in my mouth, soak it with spit, and rub it on my throbbing clit. Just quickly, flicking it, trying to make it feel like a tongue. In these moments, I almost always consider calling a friend, lover, client even (if I have calling privileges, of course. Otherwise, I would NEVER call a client unsolicited), and asking them to come and lick my clit. But I will generally refrain from this, knowing that in 2 minutes I will have climaxed and lost the urge (only to get it back hours later).

So I take my hard clit, and rub it. In circles, and sometimes just flicking. This requires more spit than simply rubbing. But it's well worth it. It feels more like an oral orgasm, and is deeper, more intense, clenching. I have the most intense orgasms when I am alone, and this is something that I am slowly changing, as it pleases me to share them with appreciative others. Depending on how wide my legs are spread, and how exposed my clit is, it could take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes to climax, if that is my goal (which it often is). Sometimes I go for a g-spot orgasm, something I rarely achieve, and in these instances porn and/or the futon are often used. Sometimes I'll go for the gusto, and get something inside me, right on my g-spot. Since Ms. G. is right at the opening, and given my muscle control, toys are hard to keep inside without some creative maneuvering. But I'm nothing if not creative. Sometimes I'll just take the long strap-on dildo and sit on it. It's got suction, and stays in place well. Sometimes I'll fuck myself, the way a man would, and then make myself come, and then fuck myself again. Sometimes, I just finger fuck my pussy. This makes me wettest and is most satisfying, cocks and others' fingers aside.

And then sometimes, I just throw my legs up, wide wide wide and rub my clit fast. If I want to come faster, I close my eyes and imagine my friend Stacks (who lives in another province, sorry), with her huge clit and gushing pussy, and any random male I happen to be fantasizing about at the time, client or otherwise (usually a client. Few ever breach the personal realm), her nipples in my mouth, moaning while he fucks her, maybe his fingers in my pussy at the same time. Or I think of my ex lover, and how he once jerked off, rubbing his cock against my nipple the whole time, while he watched me masturbate, legs spread wide, on the futon. He exploded all over me just as I was coming. Sometimes I just enjoy the sensations, the wave rising, the warmth building, the throbbing, pulsing of my own body, the big fat vein that sticks out right before and after I come, right next to my clit. I like to sometimes bring myself to the edge again and again, only to finally explode violently, and sometimes I just it go, and come as soon as I am ready. Then I idly rub myself, lightly, gently and breathe a sigh.

I'm going to do it now. I'll post details in a few minutes (or perhaps longer). Need to have some lunch first.

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